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Personal Web Designer based in San Diego County California. I create responsive web pages using a variety of different tools and skill sets. Feel free to have a look around my site.

Skills and Tools

About Me

I have been interested in web design as a kid. I was amazed that a bunch of strange text displayed on my screen could create something unique. I started to learn simple HTML and Javascript and just fell in love with it. When I wasn't skateboarding or playing baseball, I would probably be working on my personal website. Today, I am thrilled at the idea that you can create pretty much anything from scratch. I find that a brand new website file is like a blank canvas waiting to have literally anything be painted onto it.

Outside of web design; I love going to the beach. My favorite things to do are paddleboarding, surfing, snorkeling La Jolla. I'm into vegetarian cooking and fitness.

Proud to be born and raised in San Diego, CA. Currently residing in the Normal Heights area.