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Personal Web Designer based in San Diego County California. I create responsive web pages using a variety of different tools and skill sets. Feel free to have a look around my site.

Skills and Tools

About Me

About a year before starting out as a high school freshman, I was amazed at how a bunch of seemingly gibberish text displayed on my screen could actually create something so unique. I focused on websites in part thanks to my friend who designed his own website. I was inspired to design my own personal pages and would sometimes get in competition with my friend to see who could do it better. I love it to this day!

Outside the world of web design; I like to cook delicious food, driving to the beach, teaching kids water safety, a little bit of body building. I am a deep philisophical thinker, often pondering at the nature of our existence.

Proud to be born and raised in San Diego, CA. Currently residing in the Normal Heights area.